Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

18 questions, 18 answers...

  1. Is it true that you previously worked with world-famous musicians and continue to do so to this day? YES!
  2. Do you also give presentations on music, leadership, teamwork, performance and creativity? YES!
  3. We would like to present content in an entirely new way at our upcoming international group meeting. Can we also do this with music? YES!
  4. Is it true that every single one of us is actually musical? YES!
  5. Do you also offer open workshops? NO!
  6. Develoopment is based in Frankfurt am Main, we are in Paris. Do you operate worldwide? YES!
  7. Can we also book a last-minute workshop? YES! & NO!
  8. Do you develop a tailored concept for each individual client? YES!
  9. Are you able to write and produce a company or team song for us – in addition to your event offer? YES!
  10. We have some very gifted musicians in our team but others who aren’t. Is this a problem? NO!
  11. Do you enjoy working for Develoopment? YES!
  12. Are you also a little nervous before events? YES!
  13. I find your concept utterly fascinating. Could I possibly watch a Music Lab? NO!
  14. Can you really get 120 IT experts to make music together? YES!
  15. Do you also offer workshops in English? YES!
  16. We are an agency. Can we suggest you for our events? YES!
  17. Do you exclusively work with instruments we are all familiar with in the Music Lab? NO!
  18. I’m really excited about working with you. Can I give you a call right now? YES!

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