We are Deve-loop-ment

Similar to music, human behaviour is influenced by patterns (so-called loops) that affect the way we live and work together. This applies for individuals as well as for groups and entire organisations.

During our Music Lab events on team spirit and team coaching, we help people to see and experience these patterns – through activities such as making music or writing a song together. Music has an immediate impact and can act as a catalyst to instil a sense of belonging and pride in performance.

Develoopment was born from the idea of using the positive influence of music on people and groups for team building. Its initiators were inspired by personal experiences and one observation in particular: jamming sessions during which musicians who do not know each other play together are common in the music industry. In just a short time, these individual performers come together as high-performance teams that are extremely creative and entirely focused on a common goal.

The outcome are Music Lab events that combine making music with team development. The team behind Develoopment is itself a reflection of this musical connection.

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