Soundcheck - für vielfältige Teams

Gemeinsam unschlagbar sein

Gemeinsam unschlagbar sein

A colourful yet utterly harmonious mix?

How can teams achieve creative, innovative, efficient outcomes in our increasingly globalised world? Our recipe for success: a common goal and the ability to see conflicts and mistakes as steps towards optimisation. We will help your team to find its own melody and to come together as a real band during the workshop – and beyond!

Soundchecks are perfect for:

... taking stock – are the goals, tasks, roles and interpersonal interactions still appropriate? The aim is to strengthen your team. We recommend you complete this soundcheck at least once a year. With music, fun, integrity for a lasting impact on your everyday work.

... restructuring – define targets, tasks, role assignments and procedures; create a melody for cooperation.

... resizing – increasing or decreasing the size of your team heralds the start of a new team development cycle: team members are entrusted with new roles, statuses may change.


We partner with the Wiesbaden-based specialists for intercultural issues, third culture movement, for this workshop.

  • Teilnehmerzahl: ab 8 Personen
  • Dauer: 2 Tage + Follow Up

Tune Your Team

Gute Teamarbeit ist die Grundlage für gemeinsamen Erfolg. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie aus Teams mehr als nur eine Arbeitsgruppe machen.

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