What our clients have to say

"This was a very special teambuilding for once. Within a very short time, everyone really becomes part of the team and creates a musical work together!
We have received a lot of positive feedback. The event is also very suitable for larger groups. Many thanks to Develoopment for the perfect organization
and the inspiring and motivating experience. Absolutely recommended."

Südzucker AG
100 participants

"For our annual kick-off event, we were looking for an act that would clear the head between the many presentations, awaken the team spirit and simply inspire. We thank the team of develoopment! It was insanely fun for us."

Yvonne Gornik, Bereichsleiterin Marketing und Kommunikation bei der OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH
180 participants

"We had a great workshop with our executives, who have not been able to see each other face-to-face (almost at all) in recent years. Tobias and David made it in a short period of time that we found our sound together: with a lot of fun, focus and proper rhythm."

Nils Meyersick, Head of Board Member Support HR, T-Systems International GmbH
30 participants

"Tobias and David managed to strengthen our WE feeling, the team had a lot of fun and an unbelievable energy and passion was kindled. Everyone on the team was
enthusiastic and it has been very good for us, with this lightness of the music - a very special one - to experience the event. THANK YOU, it was great!"

Bernhard Koopsingraven, Geschäftsführer, SOTHYS Germany & Austria
21 participants

"“We invited Tobias and his team to our management conference. 150 participants! They didn't want to stop at all. The develoopment team picked up and captured every single one. Atmosphere was great.”

Katharina Demeter, R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG
150 participants

"Hello Mr. Hoffmann,
I'm still in the rap ... Again and again in my ear the word series "Everything is easy only the tax remains expensive" ... .. "AR - LSt - SV ----- SV - LSt - AR ----- LSt - AR - SV means: triad in harmony ".... It was really - especially for our speakers - an "encounter of a different kind". Usually they are on the other side and pass on knowledge. Here they were on the receiving end, even implementer of the specifications and as a team demanded. The feedback reflected the fun of the matter and confirmed the openness to get involved also in music-foreign industries, to new and to write the team big. As a participant summarized in a sentence wonderfully at the end "This is teambuilding without you noticing it." A compliment to "develoopment"!

Bea. Fromm, Product Manager, Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co.KG - 10 Personen
10 participants

"The Develoopment team was able to impress our management team with their individual approach. The Icebreaker has created the right mood for the kick-off of our event. The feedback from the participants was very good!"

J. Hupach, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
150 participants

"This event was great fun. The day was varied and the musical teambuilder was just cool. It's incomprehensible what kind of sound there is in us. "

Infraserv Höchst & Provadis Corporate Events
40 participants

"We had a great team event with the" Music Lab Team Tune Special. "Even without great musical talents, a really great team song came out in no time at all, we all had a lot of fun, a great atmosphere and the team of Develoopment took away all the fears within minutes.
Only to be recommended! And really no previous musical knowledge is necessary ...;) Always happy! "

Stefanie Hädicke, ereslut GmbH
28 participants

The Music Lab "TeamTune Special" was a really great team-building for my client. All participants were enthusiastic and with much fun in the matter. In a short time, a harmonious "orchestra" was formed.

With the professional, very motivating support of Develoopment I am looking forward to a next project toghether!

Bettina Anz, Anz Events
26 participants

Compliment: At the Provadis Welcome Party with 408 young professional starters you have put people together with sound sticks in time. A wonderfully loud harmony. Stadium feeling, goose bumps! And lots of fun.

We thank a lot - the team of development for the rousing animation that the students could not escape. The entire campus has shaken, because our 408 new trainees became part of the audience.

We do that again!

Marko Litzinger, Provadis Partner für Bildung und Beratung GmbH
408 participants

“After the kick-off in the morning, the afternoon was just gorgeous with you! The car house has sounded acoustically from its seams, so loud and dedicated we were there. You've done it, we have "our project Song." And whether you believe it or not - the next day we sang about someone's proposal our song and we did it!

Thanks for the super afternoon .... I think your team also had your fun .... 7 Mio PostIt's, Ponyhof and above all: with Baguette!”

Dr. Birger Schlünz, EURO-Leasing GmbH
25 participants

“The Clap & (B)eat with "develoopment" was an perfect experience. In a short time the festively laid tables became a sound stage. The infectious animation was infectious and with the help of forks and spoons all guests were put into a rhythm fever. Our guests were just thrilled..”

Dr. Bernhold Uphoff, Tagungszentrum Schmerlenbach, Rektor
100 participants

“Due to the task of organizing a Teamevent, I stumbled upon the idea of Develoopment on the Internet.
Without a concrete idea what you can reach here in 2-3 hours, I've made myself at Tobias Hoffmann smart. With a remnant flare I have suggested this idea and voted.
All the reservations were superfluous. The fun was the focus of the event and it was obvious to everyone
(All engineers).
The organization was absolutely free of complications and professional ..
So I can only say: Make it easy! ... even if you have no idea how the team reacts to it!
Thanks to Develoopment / Tobias Hoffmann”

Volker Grabinski, Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG, Head of departement
20 participants

“Your input at our Christmas party showed us that harmony is only possible when you listen. And different rhythms can be combined to create a harmonious whole.”

Matthias Schenk, Freudenberg Castle
60 participants

"The Develoopment team provided excellent support – from the initial offer through to implementation of the event – and were always on hand to answer our questions. With their positive, motivating approach, they inspired all employees to get involved in the music event. It was a great evening that got everyone moving and joining in.”

Caren Cimiotti, Bayer AG
60 participants

“With its music-making approach and a great deal of fun and enthusiasm, the Develoopment team knew exactly how to create harmony within a large group and to leave a lasting impression with outstanding professionalism and an inspiring attitude. The concept of bringing together employees from departments that couldn’t be more different to form a harmonious group through music was immediately taken on with great enthusiasm – just like in a large orchestra.”

Ralf Orzel, Allen & Overy LLP, IT Manager Germany
160 participants

“Bringing together staff from a whole variety of positions and of all ages, most of whom did not yet know each other, to create a functioning team is a virtually impossible task. And yet the musicians from Develoopment managed just this in a matter of minutes thanks to their motivating, open approach. The ice was rapidly broken and even the tone-deaf among us were soon enthusiastically joining in and having a whale of a time. With the help of cajones, boomwhackers and our own team song, we enjoyed a successful kick-off to our personnel development programme. Thank you for this fantastic experience.”

Julia Schneider, Mainzer Volksbank eG, Customer Advisor, & Christian Fries, Mainzer Volksbank eG, Talent Organiser
18 participants

“The aim of our workshop was to improve cooperation and communication within our department with around 15 employees. We composed our own soundtrack together that includes both the past and a vision for the future. With the support of skilled musicians and a fascinating range of instruments, each participant was able to relate to the issues addressed, breaking the ice for a collective jamming session. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! It offered an entirely new way to get to know our colleagues.”

Ulrich Kapp, Bilfinger Construction GmbH, Team Leader – Balance Sheets and Controlling
15 participants

“How can you create yet another highlight after a demanding workshop? Why, by getting Develoopment to organise and run a drum circle of course! Under the expert guidance of the Develoopment trainer, thirty enthusiastic participants gave their all on the cajones. The team moved from creating simple rhythms to performing a harmonious polyphonic piece. It was a fantastic experience that was also often spoken of afterwards.”

T. Wolf, Deutscher Genossenschafts-Verlag eG, Head of Personnel
30 participants

“The Develoopment team fitted in perfectly with the concept of our global HR conference in Prague: not only did they get the 150 delegates from more than 20 countries talking about a theoretical cooperation but also put this into practice by playing and singing our song together. And if this weren’t enough, it turned out to be a great deal of fun, too!”

Stephan Münch, Deutsche Post DHL, Programme Manager – Transformation Management HR
150 participants

“What an event! Develoopment was the best decision ever. At our kick-off event in August 2012 with around 80 participants, the Develoopment team showed just how such a large group can be motivated. They showed us how music can be a wonderful instrument to experience something together – even for the less musically gifted among us. We now even have our own song! Thank you for the fantastic cooperation and unforgettable experience.”

Julia Mackert, Korsing Arbeitsschutz GmbH, Head of Organisation and Processes
80 participants

If you want to succeed as a band, you need a functioning team. Enjoying making music together and being good at it, too, generally aren’t enough to make a band a success and have a lasting impact on an audience in our transient media world. It is therefore important to have clear common goals, a well-functioning task allocation and a constructive conflict culture to keep your head free for what really matters – your own art.

The team building sessions run by Tobias Hoffmann and Christoph Petry for the winners of the John Lennon Talent Award provided valuable impetus. And best of all: the trainers allowed them to experience how sometimes only minor tweaks are all it takes to have a major impact. This provided motivation, left a lasting impression and proved a great deal of fun! Thank you!

Christine Brockmann, Itzehoer Versicherungen, Head of Communication
60 participants

Dear Develoopment team, you put on a very special workshop for our around 80 employees with the Music Lab: you gave them the opportunity to ‘join in’ rather than merely listen to a speaker, experience first-hand that everyone is musical in their own way, and discover for themselves that a team of non-musicians can produce a fantastic song – it was simply superb!

The language of music overcomes all of the boundaries that normally complicate communication between colleagues at our international company. The entire event was prepared with a high degree of professionalism and implemented with a great deal of fun and utterly contagious enthusiasm! Thank you!

Michael Sieler, MEWA Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG, Head of Process Management
80 participants

Who would have thought that we could write and record an entire song for ourselves in just one day! I had never heard of most of the instruments. It was a great day.

James Bola, foodservice solutions, Managing Director

The WiesPaten sponsorship project brings together educationally disadvantaged young people and committed private enterprises. All those involved in this initiative meet once a year for a get-together. The mini Music Lab was the perfect tool to bring this extremely diverse group together. The warm-up exercises were already pretty exciting and fun. And the 120 kids and adults really got into the groove with their boomwhackers during the WiesPaten rap. We had such great fun together and even had our very own catchy tune to show for it afterwards. ;-) Thank you to the entire Develoopment team!

Karoline Deissner, “WiesPaten” Project Coordinator, Department of Social Affairs, Wiesbaden
120 participants

Within a matter of seconds, we became a real band. With the Music Lab, Develoopment not only impressively turned an excellent idea into something real but also succeeded in transforming our rather unmusical team into an accomplished band. I found it particularly amazing that we were immediately able to determine where our team’s potential lay and how we could unleash it. A superb event that I will gladly recommend to others!

Lidia Raus, inpunkto AG, Sales

Finally! Team building and an assessment beyond artificial, outdated scenarios. I will not only take the wonderful experience/joy of musical creativity away with me but also the findings from an in-depth analysis. Thank you.

Uwe Geyer, Lawyer, Dr Klaus T. Renaud law firm

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